Blog (or what we think of as Insight-Log) dedicated to putting the spotlight on the critical role of Operations in helping Companies “Respond to Demand” effectively. Explores ideas and innovations applicable to the operating needs of hardware product Companies and its value chain partners.

This blog is sponsored by Zyom, Inc. (www.zyom.com). However, this is not a commercial channel for Zyom. We think of this blog as a cafe for all who work in, or are interested in Operations. As Value Chain practitioners, we do not draw any boundaries – the blog is as applicable for all in Manufacturing & Supply Chain Operations as it is for Sales Ops, Product Ops…and Finance Ops.. you get the drift. Comments immensely welcome. All we request is keeping the discussions civil and courteous. Please dive right in.

If interested in contributing to this blog please reach out (enter Blog in “Message” section)

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